Nordisk Gruvemålermøte (NGM) arrangeres hvert tredje år og skal omhandle disse temaene:

  1. Gruveplanlegging
  2. Gruvemåling
  3. Gruvegeologi

Her vil det komme deltakere fra Norge, Sverige og Finland og vi får forhåpentligvis gode diskusjoner og kan lære av hverandre. Det blir muligheter for å publisere artikler eller vitenskapelige notat i tidsskriftet Mineralproduksjon i forbindelse med møtet.

Ta kontakt med Erik Ludvigsen dersom du har forslag til innlegg eller annet innenfor temaene ovenfor elle spørsmål angående publikasjon.  erik.ludvigsen (@)

Detaljert program og mer informasjon legges ut her så snart det er klart.

English version:
To the program for the Nordic Mine Surveying Meeting

The structure of the program is as announced under Welcoming letters.

It will still take some time before the program is fixed, but parts are in place.
It is a tradition to give an overview of the mining industry in the Nordic countries, and to pick one or two of the more interesting technological projects or developments.

The two technological contributions from Norway will be connected to Implicit 3D modelling and to using the rigs performance parameters to improve mine planning.

An important part of Nordic Mine Surveying Meeting is exchange of experience through the workshops. A small group of people will provide an introduction to the themes and structure the discussions. Leaders of these groups will be for:

Mine Surveying
Frode Koldal, Mine Surveyor and Mine Planner at Titania AS

Mine Surveying and Mine Geology
Roar Sandøy, Supervising Geologist at Sibelco Nordic AS

Mine Surveying and Mine Planning
Steinar Ellefmo, Associate professor at Dept. of Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU

Other themes that will be a part of the program are:

Together with Bentley, the developers of MicroStation, we will look into rule based mine design.
Apply intelligent design automation and configurable rules to save time, reduce errors, and promote consistency. Speed edits with rules that govern object creation and maintain relationships between design objects and geology. Use the time savings to consider more options and find the best performing mine design.

Norconsult Informasjonssystemer AS (

The software developed by Norconsult Informasjonssystemer AS, based on MicroStation, that covers the drill planning, drilling and blasting processes connected to the mining methods sublevel stoping and sublevel caving will be discussed and demonstrated.

Total stations

We will be testing the graphical interface in a modern total station. Can the steps from design to setting out be made shorter?


We will be asking; to what extent can photogrammetry be a supplement to the total station by underground mapping.

Rock mechanics

«Rock mechanics investigations and principles of rock bolting» is among the topics covered in the Instruments and demonstrations section.

Please contact Erik Ludvigsen if you would like to present or have suggestions related to the listed topics. Questions regarded publications can also be addressed to Erik. erik.ludvigsen (@)